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What are your prices?

All prices are individually priced depending on the day of week, time of day, whether or not the drone photography or filming is on a national holiday, if permits are needed, and location of the drone project. 

Other factors that determine the price are which subject matter is being filmed and the levels of risks involved, if raw footage or edited projects requested and the level of editing like special effects, music, and the expected turn around time. 

Please do not ask for discounts or offer to pay what is below the professional standard of the aerial photography and videography profession. Thank you. 

What is a drone?

A drone is a remote control device that captures photography and videos from a high visual perspective of up to 400 feet and is flown by a person who is not on the device making it an unpiloted aircraft being flown from someone standing on ground level with a remote control to that device. 

What is special about drone photography or videography?   

Having drone photography and videography has many benefits depending on the project. For instance, for a real estate project, having aerial footage gives an impressive and overall vision of a property and can increase real estate sales and offers. For insurance purposes, drone footage saves costs, time, and risks in visualizing real time data for analysis.

For all inquires please have as much details about the drone service of interest in hiring Dandy Drone Dude.

The basic details are the following:

  • exact address/location and name of any venue to have your drone services provided 

  • the date, day of the week, and time to begin the drone service & setup

  • the reason for your drone needs such as social event, real estate, insurance, etc...

In order to be booked, a 50% non refundable deposit is required and another 35% is due 24 hours before or on the event and the remaining 15% is due upon delivery of drone footage and or photography.  Commercial Projects just require 50% upon booking and the remainder of the balance upon delivery of footage. 

All payments can be paid in cash, or cash app or credit cards using Zelle or PayPal, and Square app payable to Dandy Drone Dude, LLC . 

Cash payments are preferred. 

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