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    Drone picture of Mount Hood reflected in Trillium Lake at sunset in Oregon's Mt Hood Natio

    About Dandy Drone Dude

    At Dandy Drone Dude, LLC, we provide top-of-the-line drone services to capture breathtaking visuals from above, elevating perspectives that cannot be seen without a drone. We use the best quality drones and the latest technologies to capture footage and photos like you have never seen before.

    Our drone services include:

    • aerial footage for real estate

    • aerial footage for wedding services

    • golf course surveying and mapping

    •  promotional videos for social media or advertising

    • community events

    • aerial footage for family reunions

    • engagement captures

    With our dedication and strive for capturing the perfect shot, you can trust Dandy Drone Dude, LLC to get the job done.

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    Meet Your UAV Pilot
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    Meet Your Drone Pilot:

    My name is Derek Gemmet and I am an FAA-certified UAV pilot who flies some of the newest and best drones for aerial photography and videography. I first started flying drones for fun over five years ago because I wanted to see from a different perspective like I imagined birds to see.

    Flying drones and playing golf are two of my interests. In 2007, I made national news by becoming the first disabled man to be a licensed PGA professional. Flying and playing golf are similar because both require focus and visionary discipline.

    Having cerebral palsy has not allowed my disability to stop me from learning the safety requirements of flying a drone and becoming certified.

    It would be my pleasure to work with you as your drone pilot so please contact me today to discuss booking me for your aerial photography and videography needs. 

    Please scroll down to the next section under "Contact" to complete the contact form by filling out the information and including the brief details in the message box.

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    Drone in the details to Dandy Drone Dude, LLC now in the message form below for a professional drone services inquiry and we will respond as soon as possible.

    Please be sure to know the following information before our consultation:

    • location of exact address and name of any facility or venue including contact person and phone number  where you want the drone video or photography to be filmed 

    • the day of the week, date, and time you want me to show up for filming or photography 

    • what the filming is for such as marketing, real estate, or special events like weddings or family reunions and whether you just need the raw footage or editing to it


    EMAIL: (503)679-1084

    Drone in the details...

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